Lovers on the sun

I adore sundays on the sun. No matter where, don't care about the dress code. Just breathe. Happiness is about who rather than what. I don't need to worry about nothing when I'm next to you but trying to keep myself thinking I'm not dreaming. Trust me, it's not as easy as holding you against my chest and closing my eyes, it's a difficult thing. Once, you told me ''stars only shine if the sky is dark'' and now I understand what you meant. You put all your life stuff in a phrase (and it tells a lot about how capable you are) just to give it to me as a gift. Trust me again, you are my favourite present. People don't realize how good things are until they have lost them, and it's quite sad. But baby, let me tell I can see the fire in your deep eyes every time I fall into your arms. I'm brave enough to tell you how much I love you when you do those little things I love, when you do them just for me. Just when you spend a sun-day with me.


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